Our physiotherapists in Active Health Sydney can help you perform better at work, sport, and life – with relief from injuries and pain. 

Physiotherapy is a drug-free and evidence based approach to treating musculoskeletal aches, pains and injuries. 

Active Health Sydney physiotherapists can give you the best treatments to loosen up sore muscles and to rehabilitate injuries. You will not leave us having had only e.g. ultrasound or only given exercises. You will, when appropriate, have your achy muscle massaged; your stiff joints mobilised; a personal exercise program created for you; your posture corrected; your work position assessed and much, much, more! 

Active Health Sydney physiotherapists will also advise on self-management. Our aim is to give you the ‘tools’ necessary to prevent the problem from coming back again. We often hear from new patients that they have in the past missed the deep tissue massage in a physio treatment and that they found it so beneficial for tense and painful muscles. Yes – we use a lot of deep tissue massage in our treatment.


Physiotherapy and massage treatments can be very effective for relieving injuries and pain such as*:

• Arthritis

•Back Pain

• Bad Posture including chronic neck/shoulder discomfort

• Call centre strains to hands, neck & back

• Car accident injuries including whiplash

• Ergonomic advice

• Headaches

• Herniated disc

• Knee injuries


*This list is by no means exhaustive. Please contact our physiotherapists for more information.

• Ligament and muscle strains

• Neck pain

• Tendonitis

• Sciatica

• Scoliosis

• Shoulder injury problems

• Spinal problems

• Sports injuries

• Repetitive strain injury and overuse problems

• Weight problems

• Work injuries